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What happens if my package is late or lost?Updated a year ago

Route Package Protection

We've adopted Route Package Protection to help all of our customers through delivery. If your order is lost or stolen for any reason, simply file a claim with Route for expedited assistance.

Late Packages

Occasionally our shipping partners lose packages in the mail. We provide tracking numbers for all orders upon confirmation.

If your tracking number shows a delivery exception, please contact us within 20 days to launch an investigation.

We cannot refund your order until this investigation is resolved, as you may still receive your package during this time.

We cannot be held responsible for delays incurred by our shipping carriers as that is our of our control.

Lost Packages

Wrong Address

Please ensure when placing your order that you use accurate shipping information. Packages lost due to incorrect address are the responsibility of the customer. If your package is returned due to incomplete address / no forwarding address your order will be refunded and you will have to place your order again with the correct shipping information.

Delivered but Unable to Locate

Packages that show a confirmed delivery at the address for the order are considered stolen. For us to address this order for you, we need an accompanying police report for the stolen package as this is considered mail theft, which is a federal crime. Without an accompanying police report, we cannot honor a refund. If you have acquired a police report, please e-mail it to us at [email protected] with your order number in the subject line, or reach out to us with the chat widget below.

Damaged Product

If your order was damaged in transit, please take photos and send to [email protected] and we will file a claim to replace your products if necessary.

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